Chainsaw Cryptocurrency Services

We are a provider of
ZenCash Secure Nodes
enabling our customers
to collect rewards.

Hello There

We Are Chainsaw

Our mission is to expand the ZenCash network through the secure operation of nodes, but there is only so much we can do on our own. We need your help, and you get paid to do it. It takes 42 ZEN to stake a secure node. We run our own ZenCash Secure Nodes, but we could be running so many more. That's where you come in.

You have ZEN and you want to put it to work.
We can help with that.

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What We Do

We operate ZenCash Secure Nodes pointed to your staking address


We run locked down Ubuntu 16.04 servers, and regularly scan for any abnormailities. We use industry standard access controls and we keep the doors shut. No brute forcing passwords here.

Node Rewards

On January 28, 2018 the reward for running a Secure Node for 30 days was 1.227 Zen, worth about $55.39. Those rewards are automatically deposited in to your staking account by the ZenCash Secure Node Payment System. Your Zen never leaves your wallet and is never under anyone's control but yours.


For each server you request, there is a one time setup fee. That covers provisioning the VPS, the first month of hosting, securing the Operating System, and configuring the ZenCash Secure Node software. Each month after that is $9.99, which covers hosting and any maintainence that is required.


Check here later for information on our referal program! Anyone you refer who becomes a client will result in a credit to your account.


We love what we do, and you'll love an extra return on your investment

ZenCash Secure Node Monthly Hosting (ZEN)

Lead Time Currently: 72 hours. This payment covers one month of hosting. For new orders it also triggers the creation of a Secure Node pointed to your staking address containing 42 ZEN.

$9.99 / month

ZenCash Secure Node Monthly Hosting (USD)

Lead Time Currently: 72 hours. This option is for the same service, but as a recuring USD payment through Paypal.

Select Quantity:

Our Clients

Chainsaw has been honored to operate its first 100 nodes for these clients.

I ordered the setup of several secure nodes. They were delivered in less than 24h in a very professional and responsive manner. All answers given quickly. No stress. All I had to do was to create t_addresses and keep 42 ZEN in each one. It was very smooth and 100% secure because I kept full control of the private keys to myself at all times.

Rabbit Early Customer

I met Chainsaw via the ZenCash community as they were preparing to launch their service. What a great find. Easy, honest, and happy to help the "secure node rookie" I was. Strengthen the ZenCash network by running your own secure nodes --- and use Chainsaw to do it securely and simply.

ONegLefty Early Customer

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Note: I'm a human running the business (for now), and due to a surge in orders my lead time is currently 72 hours.