If you have ZenCash,
why not put it to work?

It takes 42 ZEN to stake a secure node, and you never share control of your coins. Once staked, your rewards are paid out weekly.


We run locked down Ubuntu 16.04 servers, and regularly scan for any abnormailities. We use industry standard access controls and we keep the doors shut.


Your monthly payment covers setup, hosting, and any maintainence that is required.


Control of your ZenCash stake never leaves your exclusive control, and rewards are sent directly to the staking address by the ZenCash Secure Node Team.


Our mission is to expand the ZenCash network through the secure operation of nodes, but there is only so much we can do on our own. We run our own ZenCash Secure Nodes, we could be running so many more. That’s where our customers come in.





Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I ordered the setup of several secure nodes. They were delivered in less than 24h in a very professional and responsive manner. All answers given quickly. No stress. All I had to do was to create t_addresses and keep 42 ZEN in each one. It was very smooth and 100% secure because I kept full control of the private keys to myself at all times.


I met Chainsaw via the ZenCash community as they were preparing to launch their service. What a great find. Easy, honest, and happy to help the “secure node rookie” I was. Strengthen the ZenCash network by running your own secure nodes — and use Chainsaw to do it securely and simply.


Guides / News

State of the Chainsaw – July 31st 2018

Finally, some good news Earlier this evening I discovered the root cause of behind the Super Node outages. A single incorrect character when specifying the automation’s schedule changed “Run once[…]

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July 24 2018 State of the Chainsaw

That was bad. As a quarter our customers know, last week was rough. Three primary servers struggled as the ZenCash block size increased last week, with one struggling for the[…]

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Using Arizen for Staking ZenCash Nodes

Creating your first wallet Holding your Cryptocurrency in your own wallet is not just a good idea, but also a requirement for operating a ZenCash Secure / Super Node. I’ve[…]

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