Month: July 2018

Premier ZenCash Secure & Super Node Hosting

State of the Chainsaw – July 31st 2018

Finally, some good news Earlier this evening I discovered the root cause of behind the Super Node outages. A single incorrect character when specifying the automation’s schedule changed “Run once every 22 hours” to “Run each minute for an hour after 22 hours”. This flooded the Super Nodes with 60 challenges and left their the…
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July 24 2018 State of the Chainsaw

That was bad. As a quarter our customers know, last week was rough. Three primary servers struggled as the ZenCash block size increased last week, with one struggling for the entire week before being brought completely¬†back online. To compound matters, the new server to which some load was shifted¬†began struggling as unassigned nodes entered a…
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