Using Arizen for Staking ZenCash Nodes

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Using Arizen for Staking ZenCash Nodes

Creating your first wallet

Holding your Cryptocurrency in your own wallet is not just a good idea, but also a requirement for operating a ZenCash Secure / Super Node. I’ve written this guide to hopefully make creating your first Arizen Wallet a little bit easier. Be sure to check out the backup section near the end as it VITALLY important that you backup your private keys. These keys represent control of your ZEN. Be careful not to lose them, and certainly don’t share them.

  1. After launching Arizen, you will be presented with the screen below.
  2. Click the “Create Wallet” button to reach the screen below.
  3. Select a wallet name you will remember and enter it in to the first field.
  4. Enter a password in to the next two fields. It must meet the following requirements
    1. At least one letter
    2. At least one capital letter
    3. At least one number
    4. At least one special character
    5. Be at least 8 characters long
  5. Write down the wallet name and your password on to a sheet of paper. Without these two values, you will be unable to decrypt your wallet and retrieve the ZEN sent to its addresses. Case is important, so please document everything accurately including character capitalization.
  6. The message below will appear. Please read it and acknowledge the statement.
  7. Log in to your new wallet using the wallet name and password you used in step 5.

Creating additional addresses

If you need more than the 43 initial addresses, you can easily create more using the following procedure.

  1. Click the “Get a new address” button shown in the picture below.
  2. The following warning will appear. Please read it at least once and recognize that any existing backups will not contain the private keys for the address that is being created. Please complete a new backup using the backup portion of this document.
  3. Name the new address if you like, select “T (Transparent)”, and click the “Create” button.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until enough addresses have been created.
  5. Perform a new backup to ensure that your keys are safe in the event of a computer failure.

Backup your Arizen wallet

Creating an Arizen Encrypted Backup

This is the safest backup to store digitally, so long as your wallet name and password are also documented safely.

  1. Select the file menu, and select “Backup ENCRYPTED Wallet”
  2. The following warning will appear. Please read it at least once and understand that you must have the wallet name and password in order to decrypt the file the is created.
  3. Browse to a location on your computer where you would like the backup saved, and enter a suitable filename for the backup file.
  4. A backup file that can only be opened using Arizen, and only after providing the wallet name and password will be created at the location you specified.
  5. Please copy this file to a device that is reliable and is kept away from your primary computer.
    1. Please consider the following questions:
      1. If your computer caught fire and your house were destroyed, would this backup copy survive?
      2. If your backup copy is saved on a portable drive, and stored in an otherwise safe location, would the individual components of the device last enough years to be useful?
  • If this backup copy is stored somewhere on the internet, is it stored in a service that will be available when you need it?
  1. If this backup copy is stored somewhere on the internet, can it be trusted to not corrupt the backup file?

Creating an Unencrypted/Paper Backup

This backup is the most universally recoverable from option, and can be kept offline


  1. A locally attached printer
  2. A text editor (wordpad, notepad++)


  1. Disconnect your computer from the network by unplugging your network cable and entering airplane mode (if connecting over WiFi).
    1. This is done to ensure that your private keys are not exposed to the internet.
  2. Open the Arizen File Menu, and select “Export private keys”.
  3. The warning below will appear. Please read it at least once and understand that the file it is creating is an encrypted plain text copy of your private keys. Anyone with these keys can send ZEN away from their associated addresses. Please realize that the file you are creating is worth exactly as much as your total ZEN stored in Arizen, and should be protected at that level.
  4. The window below will appear. Please browse to a location that you can find again and click “Save”.
  5. Close Arizen, as Arizen seems to lock the file.
  6. Launch your document editor of choice.
  7. Use it to open the file you just created, arizen-private-keys.txt. You should see something like the image below, which contains each private key followed by its ZenCash address.
  8. Print the document, ensuring that you keep the pages in the proper order.
  9. Delete the document from your computer
    1. If you are using a windows computer, you can hold the shift key while you press the delete key to have the file skip the recycle bin and be deleted immediately.
  10. Ensure that the file is not present in the recycle bin and is therefore completely removed from your computer.
  11. You can now reconnect your computer to the internet.
  12. Please immediately file the pages you printed in a safe location, like a bank’s safety deposit box.

Consolidating your rewards using “Batch Withdraw”

Once you have received rewards that you would like to consolidate in to a single account, use the procedure below to collect all rewards from across your addresses and send them to a single address.

  1. Inside Arizen, click on the “Batch Withdraw” button shown below.
  2. Select the stake addresses you would like to consolidate from, enter the address you would like to send to, and ensure that 42 appears in the “Amount to keep” field.
  3. Click “Withdraw” to start the transaction, which will ensure that exactly 42 ZEN is left in each address, and the rewards are all sent to the single address that you specified.

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